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Journal of Economic Theory and Econometrics
Journal of the Korean Econometric Society


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Aims and Scope

Journal of Economic Theory and Econometrics (JETEM) is a peer-reviewed, internet-based, open-access international journal aiming to publish high-quality papers in all areas of economics. JETEM is the official publication of the Korean Econometric Society, carrying papers written either in English or in Korean. JETEM publishes four issues a year (March, June, September, and December). In this web-site, all articles are fully downloadable free of charge.

JETEM publishes original research papers, short communications (notes or comments), and surveys on topics not too narrowly defined. The key ingredient that JETEM looks for is a contribution to the economic science and community that is worth citation by learned journals. The paper should not be under consideration, nor should it have been published, by other journals. There is no limit on the paper length, but the paper should be tightly written, and is expected to be of reasonable length relative to its substance.

Brief History

The Korean Econometric Society started publishing the Journal of the the Korean Econometric Society (JKES) in 1990. In 1995, the Korean Econometric Society founded JETEM for English articles, leaving JKES for Korean articles only. JETEM was, however, discontinued in 2002 after volume 8, and JKES has been carrying papers in both languages since 2002. As part of the efforts to combine the two series and enlarge the potential contributor pool and readership, JKES has been renamed as JETEM, beginning with the December 2007 issue. The current JETEM follows the volume numbers of JKES; with volume 1 for 1990, JETEM volume 18 is for 2007. In general, JETEM volume X is for year 1989 + X. The JETEM archive holds all past papers including those for the early period 1995-2002.